Complete eFiling Solution
Easy to use
Scan in all your files and documents
Instant access to scanned files
Never lose a file
No need to leave your desk
Track physical files
Multi-tier, highly scalable for large networks






Completely customisable -mold to suit your company
Web interface -access from anywhere
Unlimited files and documents
Scan in Black & White, Greyscale, or Full Color
Low maintenance, enterprise-class database
Secure against unauthorised access and viruses
Print, save, fax or email directly from system
Instant access to any file and document
Book In/Out function for physical files
Use as part of SANS 15801 implementation
Save Costs:
-No more missing files
-Save time, don''t leave your desk
-Less printing and copying
Improve productivity, drastically
Archive files for 5, 10, 12, 15, 20 years
Trace physical files (full history)
User friendly and very easy to use, almost no training required
Multi-user -the more users, the more everyone benefits by sharing information





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