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There are not many professionals who find fixed asset management to be an exciting area of their client service, but for some types of businesses, developing effective depreciation strategies can make a significant difference to their bottom line, as well as to cash flow on a month to month basis.


Primarily, the goals are to ensure that a business is achieving the most advantageous tax position overall, by selecting treatments and depreciation methods that are most appropriate. However, the benefits of strong asset management extend to more than just the balance sheet and the business' tax return.


Physical tracking of assets is also important, and for organizations with many assets, effective management also helps ensure the existence and proper replacement of capital investments, and removing "ghost assets" from the books. Studies have shown that, for large organizations, as much as 20 percent of the assets they are paying tax on, are actually no longer in service, have been disposed of without record, or have been lost. Depending on the value of those assets, correcting asset and insurance records can cause a significant reduction in property taxes and insurance premium costs.


Our enterprise class software enables moving away from antiquated spreadsheet lists that required extensive manual tweaking of the macros, to a system that provides automation of many functions and all calculations.

Suitable for everyone from a single company to firms managing many clients and supporting varying methods of asset location monitoring.




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